Article #85 Planetary Glacial Recession Rates: Why This is Just the Beginning

Glaciers are melting around the world faster than in recorded human history. It is time we take notice and begin to this seriuously..when glaciers melt.

This image of 2 large glaciers in Glacier National Park in Montana, USA, was acquired on August 23rd, 2015. The featured image for this article is of the same 2 glaciers but taken nearly 35 years ago, on August, 17th, 1984. These photographs clearly show why the world needs to put more effort into understanding and mitigating these complex environmental problems. (Image Credit: NASA Earth Observatory)
The above diagram demonstrates the differences in a marine terminating glacial melt and a land terminating glacial melt. When a marine terminating glacial melt occurs, the water goes directly under the ice and often melts much faster than when this does not occur. Continual study of the world’s glaciers is essential so scientists and planners can determine the best ways to combat glacial melting. (Photo Credit: via European Space Agency – ESA)

Understanding glacial ice flows and their melting rates is crucial in determining the best approach to mitigate potential disaster. However, there is not a lot mankind can do; our only hope is a massive reduction in the amount of greenhouses gases released into the atmosphere each year. (Video Credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory via Youtube)