Article #33 The Modification Game: Exploitative Greed, Human Health and GMO’s

As you know Genetically Modified organisms or GMO’s are a large problem in our global food supply chain, but things are changing; people are getting sick and tired of having unhealthy food as their only option.

Exceedingly higher demand for healthy food around the world has forced global farmers, suppliers and grocery stores to think twice about what they offer their customers. This demand is making food that is grown organically with no GMO’s, pesticides or herbicides more readily available to higher numbers of consumers. (Photo Credit: Allen Sheffield via Flickr)
People are growing increasingly tired of the dishonest and unethical practices that corporations conduct around the world as they supply the global food chain. Protesters such as these seen in the US protest the American law that makes it legal to produce food without telling consumers that the product contains GMO’s. (Photo Credit: Alexis Baden-Mayer via Flickr)
This photograph symbolizes in many ways that GMO food production is destroying the human right to eat healthy, abundant and affordable food. (Photo Credit: illuminating9_11 via Flickr)