Article #40 The 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tōhoku Earthquake: The Ongoing Damage

The Tōhoku earthquake during March of 2011 that generated a massive tsunami, devastated much of Japan and produced a massive radioactive meltdown that has taught us many important lessons.

Yet, there is ongoing environmental damage from Fukushima Daiichi that may never end as the radioactive material has not stopped leaking into the ocean since the disaster occurred 6 years ago. The effect this is having on parts of the ocean and aquatic life is a serious threat to our planet

The earthquake that struck Japan was so powerful that is caused over 235 billion dollars in damage COSTLIEST EVER and was measured at 9.1 on the magnitude scale which made it the 4th most powerful earthquake in history.

Highest radiation reading since 3/11 detected at Fukushima No. 1 reactor


Part of the aftermath experienced by the people of Japan after the majour earthquake hit the country during March 2011. US Marines quickly deployed a humanitarian assistance team to help the residents in the areas affected by the massive earthquake and tsunami. (Photo Credit: DVIDSHUB via Flickr)
This tsunami wave shows the amazing force of one of the most powerful earthquakes ever recorded throwing cars around like toys. (Photo Credit: Douglas Sprott via Flickr)
Tsunami damage on the left, and untouched ground on the right show the power of nature during the Tōhoku 9.0 earthquake on March, 11th 2011. (Photo Credit: Douglas Sprott via Flickr)