Article #55 Charging Into The 21st Century: The Importance of Solar Technology in our World

The progression of solar cell technology has come a long way even in the past decade as prices has dropped substantially.

This explanation of the photovoltaic system is quite simple, yet, it is very important for the long-term sustainable future of planet Earth. (Photo Credit: Rfassbind via Wikimedia)
The photovoltaic SUDI shade is an autonomous and mobile station in France that provides power for electric vehicles using solar energy. (Photo Credit: Tatmouss via Wikimedia Commons)
This catamaran’s use of solar energy to fuel its engine and electronic instruments is a strong example of how the mainstream utilization of fossil fuels is no longer needed in the 21st century. (Photo Credit: Nicolás Boullosa via Flickr)
Solar powered phone chargers are becoming increasingly popular with outdoor enthusiasts and many consumers around the globe because they are good for the environment, portable and often charge faster than home use chargers. (Photo Credit: Mcjones2003 via Wikimedia Commons)