Article #56 Understanding the Importance of Environmental Risk Management and Mitigation

The significance of risk management and mitigation cannot be understated. This concept is essential to maintain the integrity

This hot magma represents a serious potential risk to those working too close to it because of the possibility of serious burns and death. To reduce the risk, people who work in close proximity to active volcanoes must wear special protective heat resistant suits. (Photo Credit: WikiImages via Pixabay)
A middle aged Vietnamese gentleman shows his harsh arm deformity from dioxin and agent orange exposure. He was born like this because his mother had been exposed to the defoliating chemical while she was pregnant. Agent orange was used on a widespread basis during the Vietnam War between 1965 and 1970. and caused similar deformities to thousands of people in Vietnam. Clearly, the severity of environmental risk mitigation and environmental risk management was not taken into account by the US government during the war. (Photo Credit: Emilio Labrador via Wikimedia Commons)
Environmental risk management and mitigation is critical in the assessment of dangerous resources, such as transporting or drilling for oil in our oceans. The results of an oil spill have dire consequences for human life and often destroy natural habitats for many years to come even after extensive cleanup efforts. (Photo Credit: US Aid via Pixnio)