Article #59 Wind Energy Powerhouse: The Utilization of Wind Energy in Denmark

Denmark uses more wind turbines than any other country in the world to generate energy per capita. The development in wind research, wind technology and wind infrastructure by Denmark is a very strong statement for the rest of the world. They show that there is vast potential for wind energy on a global scale to continue to produce renewable energy.

The widespread use of wind energy symbolizes a clean, picturesque and sustainable society, that in many ways mirrors this photograph. (Photo Credit: Pixabay)
During 1997 the Danish island of Samsø started the process of restructuring its energy dependency on fossil fuels. It is now almost entirely powered by renewable energy and is home to about 3,800 Danish residents. (Photo Credit: GDS Infographics via Flickr)
This image shows the progression in wind turbine technology over the past 25 years. Wind turbines now produce more than 50 times the amount of energy they did in 1990. (Photo Credit: Energy Transition)