Article #24 The European Migrant Crisis: Understanding the Bigger Picture

The current migrant crisis is the largest mass movement of people since WWII. Northern Africa, the Middle East and other desperate people from other regions around the world are fleeing war zones, oppression and racism and strict segregation with the hopes of a fresh in a place that gives them more opportunity and the chance at a better life.

This map shows details of the European Migrant Crisis including routes, country of origin as well as how many migrants are settling in each European country using Eurostat and Forex data. (Photo Credit: Maximilian Dörrbecker via Wikimedia Commons)
A refugee camp at a gate in Piraeus, Greece on the morning of March 25th, 2016. The refugees refused to be relocated when asked signifying yet another layer to the desperation of the situation. (Photo Credit: C Messier via Wikimedia Commons)
Migrants are rescued 37 Kilometers North of Tropoli, Libya in the Mediterranean Sea during June, 2016. (Photo Credit: Irish Defence Forces via Flickr)