Article #48 Unbalanced Generational Equity, Inequality and Our Children’s Future

Generational Equity

Global inequality as measured by the Gini Index, according to 2014 World Bank data red countries have the least income equality per person. (Photo Credit: M Tracy Hunter via Wikimedia Commons)

Abuse of intergenerational equity

Gold bars often represent power and wealth but can also represent inequality in our world. The rich generally get richer, while many citizens in the 3rd world will never obtain a financially free lifestyle; this seems unjust, but life in our world is complex and not always fair. (Photo Credit:
This Lamborghini may be a representation of financial success to many people in our world, nevertheless, inequality is often the result of greed and such purchases seem extreme. More people must choose to give away their wealth to help those that need it most. (Photo Credit: More Cars via Flickr)
Recovery from Starvation (Photo Credit: Feed My Starving Children via Flickr)