Article #72 The Unique Case: Hungary and the Ongoing Migrant Crisis

Since the start of the ongoing migrant crisis which has seen millions of people leave their homelands in the Middle East and Northern Africa one thing has been clear, this is the largest mass migration since WW II. Yet, in Hungary and it’s capital Budapest, the migrant crisis is being handled in a unique way.

After large numbers of migrants arrive in Budapest overcrowding becomes evident as hundreds sleep at the main train station during Friday, September 4th 2015.
(Photo Credit: Elekes Andor via Wikimedia Commons)
Syrian refugees protest at Budapest Keleti Railway Station as a Hungarian police officer looks on. (Photo Credit: Mstyslav Chernov via Wikimedia Commons)
Migrants struggle to find their way through barbwire fencing to cross illegally from Serbia into Hungary during August, 2015. (Photo Credit: Gémes Sándor via Wikimedia Commons)