Article #90 Changing Our Cities Today: The Negative Implications of Urban Sprawl

Urban sprawl in cities across the world is becoming an immense challenge. Generally, when a city builds poor public transportation systems urban sprawl takes over because many citizens are forced to drive automobiles to travel.

The bad news is that this mistake can take decades and millions of dollars to reverse. Sustainable cities throughout the world have great transportation systems which decrease costs for commuters and relieves strain on the environment by producing less automobile GHG’s.

Studies have also proven that the longer we commute to work each day the less time we have for leisure time and our families. Like this one from

Urban Sprawl of Shanghai Central Business District (Photo Credit via Pixabay)
Urban Sprawl in France (Photo Credit:
Raphaël Biscaldi via Unsplash
Downtown Manhattan in New York City taken from Empire State Building (Photo Credit: Jonathan Riley via Unsplash)