Featured Articles

Each month there will be an article written by myself that will feature an entrepreneur that is working hard to help preserve our planet for the long-term. If you know someone who truly values the environment and making our world a more sustainable and resilient place we would love to hear from you.

If you feel your story needs to be told or if you have a friend or family member that you’d like to connect with us, please feel free to contact us.

Thank You – One Planet Action 16

June 2019 Featured Article #1 Remembering Daniel Kingsbury: Our World’s Oceans and The Jellyfish Project

July 2019 Stephanie Grande: Water Engineer, Digital Nomad, Black Belt Warrior, Aerialist, Trilingual Mother

August 2019 Timothy Eisenman: Retreat Host and Sustainable Life Facilitator

September 2019 Damian Henschel: From Oil Career to Renewable Energy Entrepreneur 

October 2019 Davide di Giorgio: Speaker Coach, Cutting-Edge Entrepreneur, Influencer, Master Speaker

November 2019 Chantale Courtemanche: LEED Certified Building Expert

Gavin Jag: World Surfer, Explorer, Real Estate Investor, World Traveler, Change Maker

Adrian Kremler:

Michael Forbes: Next-Level Entrepreneur, Health and Lifestyle Expert, Pharmacist, Creator of Ageless Living

Amanda Elizabeth: Oceanography Scientist, Fin Free Soup and Her Fight For Australian Shark Finning Justice

Julian Guderley: Digital Nomad, Host of the Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast and Global Equality Expert

Darren Jacklin: Amazing Entrepreneur, Co-Resort Founder, Speaker, Personal Development Master, Philanthropist, African School Builder

Lars Fraser: Environmental Writer, Media Producer, Leading Entrepreneur, Influencer, Adventurer, Freedom Chaser

Arin Ringwald: Graphic Design Master, Artist, Film Artist, Pixar Films,