Numerical Topics List

Article #1 Increasing Severity: The North Atlantic Hurricane Season’s Recent Trends

Article #2 The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Corporate Greed: Majestic Species Extermination Postponed

Article #3 The Sustainable City Model: Understanding It’s Importance on a Global Scale

Article #4 Norway’s Amazing Utilization of Oil: Why Other Countries Lag So Far Behind

Article #5 The December 2015 Paris Climate Conference Agreement: How Much Progress Has been Made So Far?

Article #6 Copenhagen Denmark: The Bicycle City and Worldwide Implementation

Article #7 Engineered Expertise: BYD Chinese Electric Vehicles

Article #8 Oceans of Death: Commercial Fishing Exploitation Understood

Article #9 World Resource War: Ownership of Antarctica and the Arctic

Article #10 Widespread Plastic Water Bottle Pollution: Should they Even Exist?

Article #11 Sweden: Leading the Global Shift to Renewable Energy

Article #12 Emergency Preparedness in Haiti: How Can It Improve?

Article #13 Ice Cores Explained: Investigating the Past Through Ice

Article #14 Analyzing Alpha Cat Destruction: Are There only 4000 Tigers Left on Earth?

Article #15 Gender Inequality In Our World: Will It Ever Change?

Article #16 Black Out: America’s Aging Power Supply Explained

Article #17 Resource Management and Corruption in the Amazon Rainforest

Article #18 Rising Oceans: Do Our Coastal Regions Have a Future?

Article #19 The New Internet 3.0: Blockchain Technology and How the Cryptographic Ecosystem is Democratizing our World

Article #20 Salar de Uyuni: The Salt Flats of Bolivia and Lithium Extraction

Article #21 The Worst Sickness of All: Mall Culture in America

Article #22 China’s Air Pollution Disaster: The Ongoing Challenge

Article #23 Tidal and Wave Power Technology Examined

Article #24 The European Migrant Crisis: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Article #25 Shrinking at an Alarming Rate: Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Destruction Examined

Article #26 The 2018 International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Redlist Summary

Article #27 The Homeless Epidemic in Vancouver Canada: Why We Need to Do More

Article #28 Net Energy Gain: The Overlooked Concept of Resource Extraction

Article #29 After BREXIT: Britain’s Future Outside the European Union

Article #30 The Mass Extinction of Our Time: The Worst Biodiversity Loss in Recorded History

Article #31 Charging into the 21st Century: The Importance of Solar Technology in our World

Article #32 The Mobile Phone Industry and Exploitation: Cobalt Mining in The Democratic Republic of Congo

Article #33 The Modification Game: Exploitative Greed, Human Health and GMO’s

Article #34 Pesticide, Fertilizer and Herbicide Use in US Agriculture: A Negative Global Precedent

Article #35 Renewable Nation: Turning German Energy Utilization on Its Head

Article #36 Ebola in West Africa: Investigating the Largest Outbreak in History

Article #37 Rising Ocean Temperatures and Climate Change: Understanding the Water Cycle’s Impact

Article #38 The 36 Global Biodiversity Hotpots: Critical to The Long-Term Survival of Planet Earth

Article #39 African Population Growth: Understanding Birth Control Use and the Highest Fertility Rates on Earth

Article #40 The 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tōhoku Earthquake: The Ongoing Damage

Article #41 A Model for Our Future World: China’s Renewable Energy Transition

Article #42 Africa’s Infrastructure Nightmare: No Roads, No Access, No Prosperity

Article #43 Saving Our Oceans and Boyan Slat’s Vision: The Ocean Cleanup Project

Article #44 Extreme Water Crisis: Is Our World on the Brink of a Water War? 

Article #45 Net Energy Gain: Meat Consumption and Our Environment

Article #46 Coal’s Bleak Future: The Dirtiest Form of Energy on Planet Earth 

Article #47 Algae as a Biofuel: Analyzing the Potential for Widespread Future Use

Article #48 Unbalanced Generational Equity, Inequality and Our Children’s Future

Article #49 Burning Up: Rates of North American Forest Fires Continue to Rise

Article #50 The Great Barrier Reef: Conservation of the Largest Organism on Earth

Article #51 Destroying a Nation: Syria and the Planned War of Destruction

Article #52 The Separation of The Sudanese Nation: War, Oil and The Ongoing Aftermath

Article #53 Solution or Severe Complication: Could the World Be Controlled by One Government?

Article #54 Medicine Lost Forever: Habitat Destruction and Extinct Tropical Plants

Article #55 The Implications of 3D Printing in Our Technologically Driven World

Article #56 Understanding the Importance of Environmental Risk Management and Mitigation

Article #57 Agricultural Monocultures: Killing Us, Feeding the Corporate World

Article #58 Packaging our Earth: A Dilemma on Packaging Material Types

Article #59 Wind Energy Powerhouse: The Utilization of Wind Energy in Denmark

Article #60 The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Target

Article #61 Extreme Drought in California Analyzed: The Worst Drought in 1200 Years

Article #62 Polar Bears on Thin Ice: The Arctic’s Alpha Predator Crisis

Article #63 The Dirty Sanitation Secret of Bangladesh: Why Solving the Problem is So Complex

Article #64 Nuclear Reactor Ethics: The Radioactive Effect

Article #65 Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels: A Global Context Examined

Article #66 The Concept of Uncertainty: What We Think We Know About Earth’s Future

Article #67 Tesla Motors: A Small Portion of Elon Musk’s Ultimate Vision

Article #68 Almost Nothing Left: Evaluating the Planet’s Current Deforestation Trends

Article #69 The Global Pharmaceutical Industry: An Immoral Truth

Article #70 China and Electronic Waste: What the Electronics Manufactures Don’t Want You to Know

Article #71 Indonesia and The Philippines: Geothermal Energy Leaders

Article #72 The Unique Case: Hungary and the Ongoing Migrant Crisis

Article #73 Temperature Change Disaster: Pine Beetles and Coniferous Forests in British Columbia Canada

Article #74 Disappearing Madagascar: What Would Our Planet Lose?

Article #75 Extreme Drought in Africa: Food Security Problem Exasperated

Article #76 Sovereignty and Oil: Worldwide Power Struggle Analyzed

Article #77 COP21 Poor Nations vs. Rich Nations: Has the Wealth Really Been Shared?

Article #78 The Redundancy Principal: Disposable Plastic Shopping Bag Usage

Article #79 The Future of Architecture: LEED Certification and Zero Emission Buildings

Article #80 Unethical Cocoa Harvesting: The Ivory Coast and the Exploitation of Starving Families in Africa

Article #81 World Values Under the Microscope: What Do We Really Need?  (GREED AND CASH)

Article #82 Earth’s Plastic Oceans: Is it Really Possible to Have More Plastic than Fish in Our Oceans? 

Article #83 Millettia Pinnata: The New Biofuel of India?

Article #84 India’s Water Disaster: 20% of the World’s Population Utilizing 4% of the World’s Water

Article #85 Planetary Glacial Recession Rates: Why This is Just the Beginning

Article #86 Raised to Die: Illegal Hunting of Lions in South Africa

Article #87 The Number of People on Our Planet Without Enough Food: 815 Million

Article #88 Over Consumption and Its Energy Relationship

Article #89 Data Source Uncertainty: Environmetrics and Corrupt Institutions

Article #90 Changing Our Cities Today: The Negative Implications of Urban Sprawl

Article #91 Social Media During 2020: How It Has Changed the Way We Work

Article #92 Ecological Succession and Extraction

Article #93 The Precautionary Principle and Global Consumption Rates (see page 362 in Text)

Article #94 Complex Habitat Indicators: Amphibians and Pollution Extremes

Article #95 Desalination Plants: Are They Critical to Address the Severity of Water Shortages on Our Planet?

Article #96 The Sub-Saharan African Aids Epidemic: The Unanswered Questions

Article #97 The Big One: The Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Pacific Northwest Earthquake

Article #98 An Epicenter Of Life: The Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot

Article #99 Religious Nightmare: Why Myanmar Cannot Wake Up

Article #100 Future Greenspaces Today: Vertical Urban Gardens and Our Cities

Article #103 Seismic Innovation: Earthquake Building Advancement in Chile