One Planet Video and YouTube Channel

All videos and podcast episodes will be posted on this page as well as on my YouTube Channel for One Planet Action 16. The first episode will air on Sunday May 5th, 2019.

Article #1: Increasing Severity: The North Atlantic Hurricane Season’s Recent Trends

Article #2: Majestic Species Extermination: The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Corporate Greed

Article #3 The Sustainable City Model: Understanding It’s Importance on a Global Scale

Article #4 Norway’s Amazing Utilization of Oil: Why Other Countries Lag So Far Behind

Article #5 The December 2015 Paris Climate Conference Agreement: A Starting Point

Article #6 Copenhagen Denmark: The Bicycle City and Worldwide Implementation

Article #7 Engineered Expertise: BYD Chinese Electric Vehicles

Article #8 Oceans of Death: Commercial Fishing Exploitation Understood

Article #9 World Resource War: Ownership of Antarctica and the Arctic

Article #10 Widespread Plastic Water Bottle Pollution: Should they Even Exist?

Article #11 Sweden: Leading the Global Shift to Renewable Energy

Article #12 Emergency Preparedness in Haiti: How Can It Improve?

Article #13: Ice Cores Explained: Investigating The Past Through Ice

Article #14 Analyzing Alpha Cat Destruction: Are There only 4000 Tigers Left on Earth?

Article #15 Gender Inequality In Our World: Will It Ever Change?

Article #16 Black Out: America’s Aging Power Supply Explained

Article #17: Incentive Based Climate Regulations vs. Command and Control Regulations

Article #18 Rising Oceans: Do Our Coastal Regions Have a Future?

Article #19 3D Printing and Our Technologically Driven World

Article #20 Salar de Uyuni: The Salt Flats of Bolivia and Lithium Extraction

Article #21 The Worst Sickness of All: Mall Culture in America

Article #22 China’s Last Breath: Air Quality Catastrophe Unresolved

Article #23 Tidal and Wave Power Technology Examined

Article #24 The European Migrant Crisis: Understanding The Bigger Picture

Article #25 Shrinking at an Alarming Rate: Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Destruction Examined

Article #26 The 2018 International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Redlist Summary

Article #27 The Homeless Epidemic in Vancouver Canada: Why We Need to Do More

Article #28: Net Energy Gain: The Overlooked Concept of Resource Extraction

Article #29 After BREXIT: Britain’s Future Outside the European Union

Article #30 The Mass Extinction of Our Time: The Worst Biodiversity Loss in Recorded History

Article #31: Seismic Innovation: Earthquake Building Advancement in Chile

Article #32 The Mobile Phone Industry and Exploitation: Cobalt Mining in The Democratic Republic of Congo

Article #33 The Modification Game: Exploitative Greed, Human Health and GMO’s

Article #34 Pesticide, Fertilizer and Herbicide Use in US Agriculture: A Negative Global Precedent

Article #35 Renewable Nation: Turning German Energy Utilization On Its Head

Article #36 Ebola in West Africa: Investigating the Largest Outbreak in History

Article #37 Rising Ocean Temperatures and Climate Change: Understanding the Water Cycle’s Impact

Article #38 The 36 Global Biodiversity Hotpots: Critical to The Long Term Survival of Planet Earth

Article #39 African Population Growth: Understanding Birth Control Use and the Highest Fertility Rates on Earth

Article #40 The 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tōhoku Earthquake: The Ongoing Damage

Article #41 Resource Management and Corruption in the Amazon Rainforest

Article #42 Africa’s Infrastructure Nightmare: No Roads, No Access, No Prosperity

Article #43 Saving Our Oceans and Boyan Slat’s Vision: The Ocean Cleanup Project

Article #44 Extreme Water Crisis: Is Our World On the Brink of a Water War? 

Article #45 Net Energy Gain: Meat Consumption and Our Environment

Article #46 Coal’s Bleak Future: The Dirtiest Form of Energy on Planet Earth 

Article #47 Algae as a Biofuel: Analyzing the Potential for Widespread Future Use

Article #48 Unbalanced Generational Equity, Inequality and Our Children’s Future

Article #49 Burning Up: Rates of North American Forest Fires Continue to Rise

Article #50 The Great Barrier Reef: Conservation of the Largest Organism on Earth