This project is currently under development but the launch has been delayed until 2021.

One Planet Action 16:

One Planet Action 16 will discuss many crucial issues in our world such as biodiversity loss, social inequality, climate change, humanitarian injustices, global warming, innovation and design and various other topics that we feel are important during this time in history. The articles will focus primarily on future, past and current events and scientific concepts.

Our organization believes that future generations deserve to live on a planet that is sustainable and resilient to the economic and technologically driven society we live in today. The creator of One Planet Action 16 has always had a passion for the environment, sustainability and the global challenges our world is currently facing in this regard.

Articles will be released in sequential order 2 times per week; each article will also feature a 3-5 minute video by myself with in-depth analysis. One Planet Action 16 will also conduct Facebook Live discussions about various concepts. A video portion of the project will also be integrated with the podcasts called One Planet Video, which will be used to interview scientists and experts in the field and the general public.

The ultimate purpose of this website is to raise awareness among the global community; human beings are not doing enough to ensure that our world will be livable for our grandchildren and future generations. We feel it is our duty as a global citizen to do our part to help in any way we can.


One Planet Action 16 is always looking for partners that share similar values and objectives. We would be more than happy to have your company logo and the link to your organization on this website.

If your organization concentrates its efforts on climate change solutions, humanitarian aid, global warming mitigation, or a related topic we’d love to hear from you. If you have a friend or family member or if you yourself are affiliated with an organization such as this, please reach out to us for further collaboration.

As well, if you are a scientist or environmental organization that would like to be take part in our weekly podcast please to do not hesitate to contact us.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

All names that are part of the One Planet Action 16 series, including One Planet Action 16, One Planet Alliance and One Planet Video are protected by copyright ©.

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If any of the images on this website are copyrighted by yourself or your organization they have been used accidentally, if this is the case, please inform our organization and they will be removed immediately. 

The title of Lars’s upcoming 2020 book, Social Equity Imbalance: The Worst Environmental and Humanitarian Crisis of Our Time is protected under copyright ©.

This project is solely used as a means to spread awareness and to help bring about positive change in our world. One Planet Action 16 has no interest in monetary gain from this website or any of its material.

This project is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Kingsbury. Daniel spent much of his life fighting for climate and environmental justice by co-founding his own non-profit environmental organization called The Jellyfish Project.

His former band Mindil Beach Markets volunteered their time by playing music at high schools across Canada to raise awareness about the ocean’s health. Daniel passed away during June 2015 at the age of 28. For more information on The Jellyfish Project please visit their website. 

Thank You 

Lars Fraser – One Planet Action 16