#1: Climate Change and Global Warming: Understanding Uncertainty

Article #1 Increasing Severity: The North Atlantic Hurricane Season’s Recent Trends

Article #13 Ice Cores Explained: Investigating the Past Through Ice

Article #25 Shrinking at an Alarming Rate: Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice Destruction Examined

Article #37 Rising Ocean Temperatures and Climate Change: Understanding the Water Cycle’s Impact

Article #49 Burning Up: Rates of North American Forest Fires Continue to Rise

Article #61 Extreme Drought in California Analyzed: The Worst Drought in 1200 Years

Article #73 Temperature Change Disaster: Pine Beetles and Coniferous Forests in British Columbia Canada

Article #85 Planetary Glacial Recession Rates: Why This is Just the Beginning

Article #97 The Big One: The Cascadia Subduction Zone and the Pacific Northwest Earthquake

Article #109 Dendroclimatology: Trees Reveal Hidden Climate Secrets

Article #121 Changing Global Precipitation Patterns

Article #133 Palynology: Revealing Earth’s Ancient Climates Through Pollen

Article #145 Lake Baikal: 20 Percent of The World’s Fresh Water

Article #157 Mudslides and Flooding In Brazil

Article #169 What We Can Learn From Past Volcanic Eruptions (The 1815 Eruption of Mt. Tambora)