#10: Global Environmental Pollution and Pollution Mitigation

Article #10 Widespread Plastic Water Bottle Pollution: Should they Even Exist?

Article #22 China’s Air Pollution Disaster: The Ongoing Societal Challenge

Article #34 Pesticide, Fertilizer and Herbicide Use in US Agriculture: A Negative Global Precedent

Article #46 Coal’s Bleak Future: The Dirtiest Form of Energy on Planet Earth 

Article #58 Packaging our Earth: A Dilemma on Packaging Material Types

Article #70 China and Electronic Waste: What the Electronics Manufactures Don’t Want You to Know

Article #82 Earth’s Plastic Oceans: Is it Really Possible to Have More Plastic than Fish in Our Oceans? 

Article #94 Complex Habitat Indicators: Amphibians and Pollution Extremes

Article #106 Russia Fresh Water Crisis: Don’t Russians Deserve Clean Water?

Article #118 Dirty Lead Battery Producers: China, US, and Australia

Article #130 The Methane Effect: Cattle Manure and Soil Imbalance

Article #142 

Article #154 Agent Orange Today: Vietnam War Fallout

Article #166 Pollution Threats to the Danube River

Article #178 Struvite Success: Recycling Phosphorus From Our Sewage