#12: Global Humanitarian Issues: Why the World Needs to Do More

Article #12 Emergency Preparedness in Haiti: How Can It Improve?

Article #24 The European Migrant Crisis: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Article #36 Ebola in West Africa: Investigating the Largest Outbreak in History

Article #48 Unbalanced Generational Equity, Inequality and Our Children’s Future

Article #60 The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Target     

Article #72 The Unique Case: Hungary and the Ongoing Migrant Crisis

Article #84 India’s Water Disaster: 20% of the World’s Population Utilizing 4% of the World’s Water    

Article #96 The Sub-Saharan African Aids Epidemic: The Unanswered Questions

Article #108 Migrant Crisis 2020 Update: The Numbers

Article #120 The Number of people on Earth Without Access to Clean Water: 765 Million:

Article #132 Examples of the Tragedy of the Commons

Article #144 Human Future in Doubt: Potential Mass Plague

Article #156 Future World Grain Reserves: The Unsustainable Truth

Article #168 Colombian War and FARC

Article #180 Central African Republic: The Impacts of Civil War