#2: Biodiversity Loss, Conservation and Habitat Destruction

Article #2 The Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Corporate Greed: Majestic Species Extermination Postponed

Article #14 Analyzing Alpha Cat Destruction: Are There Only 4000 Tigers Left on Earth?

Article #26 The 2018 International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Redlist Summary

Article #38 The 36 Global Biodiversity Hotpots: Critical to The Long-Term Survival of Planet Earth

Article #50 The Great Barrier Reef: Conservation of the Largest Organism on Earth

Article #62 Polar Bears on Thin Ice: The Arctic’s Alpha Predator Crisis

Article #74 Disappearing Madagascar: What Would Our Planet Lose?

Article #86 Raised to Die: Illegal Hunting of Lions in South Africa

Article #98 An Epicenter Of Life: The Tropical Andes Biodiversity Hotspot

Article #110 The Pollination Impact: Decimation of The World’s Bee Population

Article #122 Lake Tanganyika: Overfishing and Species Decline

Article #134 South West Australia: Biodiversity Hotspot Examined

Article #146 Tertiary Consumers, Trophic Levels and Ecosystem Relationships

Article #158 Ecological Succession Patterns: Secondary vs. Primary Succession

Article #170 Amphibians: Complex Habitat Indicators