#3: Human Impacts, Culture and Reduced Inequalities in a Globalized World

Article #3 The Sustainable City Model: Understanding It’s Importance on a Global Scale      

Article #15 Gender Inequality In Our World: Will It Ever Change?

Article #27 The Homeless Epidemic in Vancouver Canada: Why We Need to Do More

Article #39 African Population Growth: Understanding Birth Control Use and the Highest Fertility Rates on Earth

Article #51 Destroying a Nation: Syria and the Planned War of Destruction

Article #63 The Dirty Sanitation Secret of Bangladesh: Why Solving the Problem is So Complex

Article #75: Extreme Drought in Africa: Food Security Problem Exasperated

Article #87: 815 Million: The Number of People on Our Planet Without Enough Food

Article #99: Religious Nightmare: Why Myanmar Cannot Wake Up

Article #111: The Civil War Precedent: African Country Challenges

Article #123: Dehli, India: The Largest Poverty Stricken City in the World

Article #135: Homophobic Government: Russian Gay Rights Examined

Article #147: Agricultural Land Degradation and Abandonment

Article #159: Slow Growth: Japan and Its Aging Population

Article #171: Population Demographics Interpreted