#4: Under the Microscope: Energy Use and Non-Renewable Energy

Article #4 Norway’s Amazing Utilization of Oil and Why Other Countries Lag So Far Behind

Article #16 Black Out: America’s Aging Power Supply Explained

Article #28 Net Energy Gain: The Overlooked Concept of Resource Extraction

Article #40 The 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster and the Tōhoku Earthquake: The Ongoing Damage

Article #52 The Separation of The Sudanese Nation: War, Oil and The Ongoing Aftermath

Article #64 Nuclear Reactor Ethics: The Radioactive Effect

Article #76 Sovereignty and Oil: Worldwide Power Struggle Analyzed

Article #88 

Article #100 Future Greenspaces Today: Vertical Urban Gardens and Our Cities

Article #112 Slowly Stepping Back: China and Coal Production

Article #124 Soybean Fields in Brazil: Where Have the Rainforests Gone?

Article #136 Automobile Grid Lock: Urban Sprawl in Atlanta, USA (talk about energy waste and pollution)

Article #148 

Article #160 Safety Illusion: Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers

Article #172 Bushwood: The Energy Source of Rural Africa and Climate Change