#5: Political Landscape: The Hard Decisions Behind Global Policy Implementation

Article #5 The December 2015 Paris Climate Conference Agreement: A Starting Point

Article #17: Incentive Based Climate Regulations vs. Command and Control Regulations

Article #29 After BREXIT: Britain’s Future Outside the European Union

Article #41 Resource Management and Corruption in the Amazon Rainforest

Article #53: One World Government: Solution or Severe Complication?

Article #65 Rising Carbon Dioxide Levels: A Global Context Examined

Article #77: C0P21 and Poor Nations vs. Rich Nations: Will the Wealth Really Be Shared?

Article #89: Data Source Uncertainty: Environmetrics and Corrupt Institutions                          

Article #101: Donald Trump’s 2016 Trans Pacific Trade Withdrawal

Article #113: Environmetrics and Corrupt Institutions: Data Source Uncertainty (Scientific Papers etc.)

Article #125: Incentive-Based Climate Regulations vs. Command and Control Regulations

Article #137: Research Purposes?: Japan’s Whaling Problem and Global Law

Article #149: Rhine River Basin: Challenges of Sharing Water Amongst 5 Nations

Article #161: Almighty China: What it Means For Our World’s Environment

Article #173: Ecological Legislation, Jurisdiction and the Canadian Government