#6: Neglected Agenda: A Sustainable World and Our Planet’s Future

Article #6: Copenhagen Denmark: The Bicycle City and Worldwide Implementation

Article #18 Rising Oceans: Do Our Coastal Regions Have a Future?

Article #30 The Mass Extinction of Our Time: The Worst Biodiversity Loss in Recorded History

Article #42 Africa’s Infrastructure Nightmare: No Roads, No Access, No Prosperity

Article #54 Remembering Daniel Kingsbury: Our World’s Oceans and The Jellyfish Project

Article #66: The Concept of Uncertainty: What We Think We Know About Earth’s Future

Article #78: The Redundancy Principal: Disposable Plastic Shopping Bags 

Article #90 Changing Our Cities Today: The Negative Implications of Urban Sprawl

Article #102: Iceland: The Cleanest Country on Earth       

Article #114: The Gaia Hypothesis and Our Planet (Is Earth a Single organism?) Search for Earth Immune System on Wiki  My Story: Treeplanting in British Columbia, Canada

Article #126: Lost Medicine Forever: Habitat Destruction and Extinct Tropical Plants

Article #138: The Precautionary Principle

Article #150: The Roads of Africa: No Access, No Prosperity

Article #162: The Ecological Footprint Understood    

Article #174: Abandoned Detroit: Fixing the Brownfield Dilemma