#9: Conflicting Principles: Capitalism and Consumerism in Our World

Article #9 World Resource War: Ownership of Antarctica and the Arctic

Article #21 The Worst Sickness of All: Mall Culture in America

Article #33 The Modification Game: Exploitative Greed, Human Health and GMO’s

Article #45 Net Energy Gain: Meat Consumption and Our Environment

Article #57 Agricultural Monocultures: Killing Us, Feeding the Corporate World

Article #69 The Global Pharmaceutical Industry: An Immoral Truth

Article #81 World Values Under the Microscope: What Do We Really Need? 

Article #93 The Precautionary Principle and Global Consumption Rates (see page 362 in Text)

Article #105 

Article #117 How It Looks: The Importance of Image in Consumerism (Corn etc and everything)

Article #129 The Balancing Act: Integrating Oil and Gas Production Into Climate Policies

Article #141 Coffee Powerhouse: Is Vietnamese Coffee Production Ethical?

Article #153 Dirty Energy = Strong Economic Growth? (Use Copenhagen or Northern Europe as proof

Article #165 I Must Have That: The Consumerist Obsession Behind New Mobile Phones

Article #177 Desertification and Agriculture in 3rd World Countries